Convicto Smart Bussines LLC (ATHLETBASE) Privacy Practices in web highlights

This statement applies to the website of Convicto Smart Bussines LLC (ATHLETBASE)

personal information
In general, you can visit us on the Internet without telling us who you are or providing us with personal information. There are times when we may need information from you, for example to process an order or to correspond. We may supplement this information to complete the transaction or provide you with a better service.

To fulfill your requests by us or others involved in the fulfillment. To contact you regarding certain transactions. by Convicto Smart Bussines LLC (ATHLETBASE) and selected organizations for marketing purposes, if you have permitted such use. In a format not identifiable for analysis (eg Clickstream Data) to develop our business relationship, if you represent the Business Partner or Supplier of Convicto Smart Bussines LLC (ATHLETBASE).

your choices
When we collect information from you, you can tell us that you do not want it to be used for other marketing contacts and we will respect your wishes. You can also disable cookies in your browser.

important information
If you have any problems or complaints, please contact us first at:

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